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All the branches are worthless. The Air Force gave my wife a Bronze Star after I reported her abuse. They then tried to suggest electro-shock therapy when I complained a second time. FUCK CHARLIE BROWN AND HIS BAND OF MORONS. They knew since the 80s, when they did an annual physical and saw a bite mark she left on my stomach. They ask and I told them but they did nothing, and it kept getting worse. That was a year into a 31-year marriage. Then she trained and paid or son to be the same way to people. I still have evidence he sexually abused a disabled, female adult, and CMSgt Ret. Nancy L. Geisler, was all for the relationship, while I told him to stay away. Police did nothing after I reported that, also.

19 JULY 2022 – NY State and there local police illegally forced me out of the state while supporting criminal activites of staff at hotels in Hornell, NY EconoLodge and Bath NY, Budget INN. I will be suing the state, corperations and owners. 4 times in a week after I reported crime by the businesses. Get thier body camera footage now.

I just got to a new hotel and government took down my internet within an hour. The password is on the wall and I am a compter tech. IT IS THEM AGAIN! I have to use my phone to update this. Facebook took down a International Distress call, and FBI and DEA refuse to repsond to crime I observed. HELP HELP HELP!



West Point Academy Cadets: G.O.A.T. Goofy, Old, Army, Team

I thought you would have had this handled correctly since it is a land mammal, but numbers were involved and you got confused. : )

-Navy was slick

-Used a number, greater than your finger and toes

-Now that you screwed up

-No cool selfies with a goat pose

-If this was Squid Games

-You would all be dead

-Goat caught with the loot

-Now your faces are red


Vlad, how about fuck off. Go ahead and sanction.

Kim, Jong-un, You put your children in prison for life so we will never lift sanctions. NEVER! Fuck you for treating people that way.

김정은, 당신은 자녀를 무기징역으로 가두어 우리가 제재를 해제하지 않을 것입니다. 절대! 그런 식으로 사람들을 대하는 빌어 먹을.


Quora can go fuck themselves for deleting posts that don’t violate policies. You can all go fuck yourselves. Figure it out you fucking selves; dip fucks. No thanks, or giving. Eat me! This country is a complete shit hole. Go jump in you stupid fucks.

Fuck Quora for removing content against the 1st Amendment. Not against a policy they just don’t want to hear the answer I gave.


Pontiff; did you give up on the older people protecting the environment? Kids, the old fucks won’t listen so I am going to have to trust you. Lol. How lazy are the Popes, to do mass without getting dressed, right out on the bedroom balcony? LMAO

Cardinal, hand me my coffee, I have to step out and do mass for a second. No, I don’t need pants. : )

Is that a bathrobe? Ummm; no, it’s a ceremonial gown. I have to admit, the stocking cap you wear doesn’t look very comfortable. Lol

What would your mother have said to you if you had tried to go to school looking like that is all I am saying. Don’t you have other colors for different seasons? You aren’t supposed to wear white after September.

I will patent the words God, Jesus, and Holy, for you so if they are used incorrectly the cell phones will hear it and put money in the Vatican swear jar. You will be rich enough to solve all the social problems in the world. I would be broke the first week of every month.


Illinois and Wisconsin can go fuck themselves. Stopping retired military from getting a FOID card because I had to self hospitalize myself for abuse when you refused to do anything about the abuser, then let your children travel to other states and murder people. FUCK YOU UNTIL THE END OF TIME MORONS. You’re a bunch of backward fucks. You have lost all respect. Why didn’t Illinois prosecute him for its laws even though he was out of state? He was a tourist, not living there so your laws still apply to him.

Prosecute Rittenhouse & his mother!


You have let down everyone to the point that NATO is giving up on you now. You don’t even support your own nation or retired military. How could anyone outside the U.S. ever trust any of you DoD? I told you this would cause serious consequences. You are fucked on the international stage when you don’t even take care of yourself. Your most advanced jet just crashed into the sea. 100 million down the drain in a matter of seconds. How many more sales do you think you’re going to have. All you are is talk. You have neither the well, nor way of winning a major war, and everyone knows it. You pull out of war you start and leave many behind that you made promises to. You allow the death of your own people and kill civilians in an attempt to make it look like you were able to retaliate in kind. You build inferior products, like the F-22, F-35, and submarines, and use sub-standard materials to do it. You run your 3 billion dollar submarines into a fucking mountain and fire the crew, but we know who trained them; you. You never know anything important though the rest of us knew Kabul would fall quickly, based on the rest of the provinces falling like dominos on television. There are no excuses for this type of incompetence except, laziness, and a lack of skill. All the while your own public is uneducated, sick, and unmotivated because you took half the nation’s money to do nothing but make the world a worse place to live. Osama bin Laden kick your ass. You should have never gotten involved in Iraq the way you did. You brought the events of 9/11 to this country through your actions. He didn’t like you in Saudi Arabia. If I were the President I would close every Officer’s club, and golf course on bases, and tell your dumb, lazy asses to get to work. Not busy work, but real work. They always use to say, “rank has its privilege”, which in reality means, “White Socialite Privilege”. Sure you can get into the club if you are white inside. Oreos are accepted now because they had no choice.


Instead of a civil war, we send them to fight. If they win they can have that entire side of the world to keep their weapons and ideas at.

Since your intent on war, let me help. Send you gun-toting scumbags to take over Russia then we have a back door into China. You can kill as many in the Kremlin as you want. Conscript everyone here that owns a weapon. Let them do their thing, overseas. Might as well take them all out at once. They can take FOX News with them on the way out. Do it now, before they can build up more. There are close to 150,000,000 of you with weapons. Time to earn your pay for having the right to bear arms. I can’t even believe it is such a fucking high percentage. I know a lot of people and most should not have a gun. I’m not sure if 42% of you can tie your own shoes…: ) Grab your slippers, Onesie pajamas, and guns, then head out.

I hope bullets are edible when the shelves are bare.

Chris Everett, gun owner, extensive knowledge in technical and legal issues related to guns.Answered Dec 24, 2016

Nobody really knows, but tens of billions, excluding police and military, is a reasonable low-end guess.

A high-end guess, and counting police and military? In excess of a hundred billion”

If China tried to invade they would all be dead before they got to the Rocky Mountains 🙂 Only a billion+ people. An easy day of target practice here. All Asian Americans would have to hide for a while, but. I think they have already realized that since WW2. What a horrible nation, I live in.

If Russia tried to invade, Trump would ask them all to stop by and pee on him first. We could just sit outside his mansion and pick them off there. Donny is offering 10 million rubles if we pee on him, let us go get the money, Yuri. The most dangerous place in my country is a federal prison with broken cameras.

I would guess, that Vladimir Putin has so much information on Donald Trump that if he’ll let us know what was happening with him and the GOP, it would cause a Civil War. He may know a lot about or billionaires and people in power also. I am sure he has had agents at those secret meetings they have annually. He knows more about us than we do.



Rittenhouse was found not guilty and I hate my fucking nation. YOU ARE AN EMBARRASSMENT TO THE WORLD

The killers, liars, and, abusers of this nation roam free. A giant real-life version of The Joker. Rot in eternal hell

You went so far as to physically attack me and lie. I hope you all go to hell for all of this. This entire fucking country is run exactly the opposite of how it should and you all think that it’s acceptable. Then I hope you all shoot each other in the streets as I stay completely to myself. You are nothing at all but corrupt, murdering, liars, and fools. Decades ago you start to destroy my life for no reason. I can not stand ANY OF YOU AT ALL. You are the most disgusting, shit, developed nation in this world. I hope the other countries destroy this shit hole with every ounce of effort they can muster. You have told the world that democracy and capitalism are the greatest things on Earth than proven they aren’t. Kyle can now run for Congress and destroy you from the inside. FUCK YOU ALL. You get what you deserve, society. Eat it all. Eat the big giant shit sandwich you have made, and like it, as you gag it all down

This is what you left me with as a healthcare system as you allow murders free and beat me down for talking about it. I can only wish the worst for this nation. The silent and purposeful abuse and murder of veterans. The Silent Holocaust.
Thousand of needless deaths and millions with sub-standard care that causes untold suffering. You have all known, and refuse to actually fix the incompetence. You want us dead. Don’t ever tell us, “Thank you for your service”. Don’t ever celebrate a holiday in our names. You have no right to use us to get more people to join so you can kill and abuse them also. Don’t you dare even mention us, or what we did on behalf of the same people that then allow us to suffer and die? Don’t you dare use the term hero when describing people that are ordered to kill so the rich and powerful can maintain their lifestyle and the expense of us and the public we are supposed to serve? We don’t serve the public. We serve monsters. DoD are baby killers! Lying, fucking, worthless baby, killers. No honor or integrity at all. FUCK YOU LOYD, CHARLIE BROWN, MILEY. “We must work harder”. No, you should all be in fucking prison for war claimed that you committed and tried to cover up. Just like you have covered up my abuse. Go fight Russia and die you scum fucks. Not the kids, but you fucking worthless policymakers, millionaires, and influencers. YOU GO DO IT! No matter how you die, I will not care. They can use viruses, chemicals, or shoot you in the fucking face at close range, shove a bayonet in your body and disembowel you. Leave you on the battlefield, suffering in the cold mud to die then rot. We will not collect your bodies or remember you. After the millionaires and billionaires go to war they will send in all the registered gun owners, as conscripts. They can take their weapons and use them in the horrors of war. Don’t wear a mask or get vaccinated. You will die, choking on your own mucus as your body convulses.
GTA is good training for real-life apparently. Great going Rock Stars!
It’s the victim’s fault. Arrest them for getting in the way of that poor bullets right to free movement. God Bless America, and the Second Amendment! Worthless scum.


Ping China for Peng

-11 月 21 日 -21。更好的 Xi,但很高兴知道她的指控得到认真对待。 如果他们不合作,政府可能会让一个人的生活陷入困境。 我应该知道,因为我自己的政府也试图让我保持安静和克制。 窃取我的房屋/财产、非法搜查和扣押、阻止医疗服务、管理我的社交媒体帐户、在他们拒绝回答我的正式投诉时对我撒谎。 这里并没有什么不同。 告诉我的政府让朱利安·阿桑奇离开并原谅埃德·斯诺登。

-21 Nov 21. Better Xi, but it would be nice to know her allegations are taken seriously. A government can make a person’s life hell if they don’t cooperate. I should know because my own government tries to keep me quiet and subdued also. Stealing my home/property, illegal search, and seizure, blocking medical care, moderating my social media accounts, lying to and about me as they refuse to answer my formal complaints. Not all that different here. Tell my government to let Julian Assange go, and pardon Ed Snowden.

-11 月 21 日 -20:您的视频不够好。 在我们得到她在国际社会的同龄人确认她是安全的并且我们在这里你正在为被告做一些事情之前,我们将继续向你施压。

-20 Nov 21: Your videos aren’t good enough. Until we have confirmation from her peers in the international community that she is safe and we hear you are doing something about the accused we will continue to put pressure on you Xi.

BREAKING NEWS FOR #METOO MOVEMENT: China has discovered that sexual assault and abuse can be cured by staying home and resting while staying off social media. Apparently emailing is therapeutic. We will see the rest of you in two years. This must have come from the same doctors that tried to use Electro-shock therapy to cure my abuse. My wife attempted to for me to have sex with her the day before I was kicked out of my own home for reporting her abuse. No way a 5’1″ woman can force a 6’4″ man to have sex physically but she did try. Manipulative bitch.

中国最好做出适当的回应,否则我们将在公众中开始我们自己的运动。回到 BUY AMERICAN ,或者没有它的生活。如果她想离开,你为什么不送她去美国或日本?她可以和来自世界各地的其他网球朋友一起玩。我很确定内奥米或威廉姐妹会很乐意帮助她重新安置。





中国最好做出适当的回应,否则我们将在公众中开始我们自己的运动。回到 BUY AMERICAN ,或者没有它的生活。如果她想离开,你为什么不送她去美国或日本?她可以和来自世界各地的其他网球朋友一起玩。我很确定内奥米或威廉姐妹会很乐意帮助她重新安置。






Xi, we don’t believe Peng Shuai would respond via email that way. She knows the world is concerned and she as a person wouldn’t want her fans or peers to worry needlessly so she would have made a short public appearance. Naomi and the rest of us would like to see her immediately. We can always start putting real pressure on your government. No more made in China for me until I see her again.

China better responds appropriately or we will start our own movement in the public. Back to BUY AMERICAN, or live without it. Why don’t you send her to the United States or Japan if she would like to leave? She can hang with her other tennis friends from around the world. I am pretty sure Naomi or the Willam sisters would gladly help her get resettled.

We already have real reasons to turn sweat from China and its abusive behavior. No matter how bad it is here, our people don’t just suddenly disappear like they do in other countries.

If she were sitting at home she would have made a few phone calls, or video chats to her friends outside of China and they would have informed the news agencies, but that isn’t what is happening.

Hey everyone. Buy your own nation’s products and stop traveling to China as a tourist. TALK TO THE HAND, CHINA.

Signed: The International Cancel Culture…..


Ai Weiwei: Hi, Ai. I’m American, (Really World), dissident, Tim Geisler. I joined the club after they started lying about me in every way they can think of. Hard for them to lie to one of their own. Starting a false-flag war with Iraq was the final clue I needed. International criminals abound in this country and no one seems to notice.

I am sure they enjoy their own retired military fucking with them on a daily basis. It is my pleasure to sit here and try to protect the world at the government’s expense.

I don’t have to guess why our veterans are committing s suicide at such a high rate. The government lies to our children to get them to join. Asks them to commit war crimes as they abuse them, then throw them back into the community to suffer endlessly, with what they were forced to do.

The entire political system is so bad they vetted Trump, who was known to be a cruel, narcissistic, thieving, womanizing, prejudiced, liar. Other than that he was fully qualified to run a nation with nuclear weapons. LMAO

Now all the few of us that think, and speak about it, have to do is retrain 9 billion people to think critically, then act, before the whole thing goes down. Seems like an easy job…


Malcom X, FBI

You are worthless fucking cross-dressing bitches. You had a part to play in his death. Probably JFK and MLK also, you are a worthless fucking government of criminals. Just like you have lied, detained, and abused me in the background. I trust nothing this government does or says for very specific and valid reasons. We will find out and blame your descendants for your crimes if need be.

No, I don’t care what you wear, really. We are all weird in some way. Weird is what makes the world go around. What I care about is your moral conduct within society. A dress looks better than the grownups walking into the store in Onesie pajamas.


House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy. Yes, it is payback time, you worthless fuck. The Jan 6, Committee, and the rest of the country will find everything illegal you have been involved in. Game on fucker. You should be censored immediately for threatening your peers for doing their sworn duties. Intimidation is why Gosar lost his committees yesterday. The same rules apply to you asswipe. Get him Nancy! How fucking stupid are you to threaten the majority when they are already running an investigation? “Staff, grab your shovels and unearth the shallow graves the GOP have dug to hide their crimes”. Mass grave of betrayal.

I see you are blocking the countries recovery efforts you worthless piece of shit. STFU and pass bills that will legitimately get this country on its feet and up to international standards so we can compete in a global economy.

The GOP will be held fully accountable for trying to illegally take over this nation using force and lies.



FUCK YOU, Niagara County, Judge, Matthew Murphy. You are a piece of shit. If this had been your daughters you would have never ruled this way for a serial rapist. May your community, state and nation, forever ridicule your decision.


Joe; like I say, about PB&J.

The general public knows better and aren’t here to play

Now shove those turkeys up your ass

We will let you pardon them the next time you are in front of a Prince and pass some gas

Instead, drive to Oklahoma and smoke some grass.

This is also my holiday receipt, for smoked turkey, using the leaves of a 420 tree.

Now everyone jump in your EV ride, and don’t forget a bottle to pee.

You may not like this poem, but I don’t care, because under my clothes I have giant nads with way too much hair.

I would pull them out and show you but illegal that be, so you’ll just have to trust, or glance from the next urinal, the next you see me

—- lol

Thanksgiving ( Indigenous Peoples, Take Over Day) & Black Friday (White People, Privilege Day) are canceled again this year. We are keeping Christmas (Be Cool To Each Other Season), but only for the children and nice people of the world.

The part of the story that has a ring of truth is we killed someone that may have existed but wasn’t a son of a fictitious God. We abused him prior to birth then killed him for speaking. Born in a barn and hung on a crucifix. You sure the KKK hasn’t been around longer?

Want to do me a favor for the Christmas Season? Please go help all the refugees around the world. Immediately, please.

  • I just saw an advertisement for game consoles, if you had a Walmart subscription so I got the free trial, and they had consoles for twice the normal price. Fuck all of you and your subscriptions, false advertising, and price gouging. NO FUCKING CHRISTMAS FOR COPRA AMERICA. KISS MY ASS, I won’t buy anything at all this year. I hope you have the worst season possible, you worthless lazy theives.


No, it was done on purpose to a military retiree, on Veterans Day. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Quora, YouTube, Google, have all taken away my right to reasonably express myself. FUCK THIS NATION for not enforcing Constitutional Law. My rights have been stepped on in every way they could think of and it is the government that is involved. You are such badasses; go run it and fix it yourselves. I will sit here and laugh at what you think is an attempt. AOC could also do it also, so ask her very nicely and maybe she will think about it.


I just listened to Massachusetts Governor, Calvin Coolidge‘s, 1872 speech, Law & Order. https://www.loc.gov/item/2004650549/ It should resonate with everyone, right now, and you should listen, no matter who you are. Nancy, Chuck, Alex, Kevin, Mitch, all; especially all of you if you do not know it well. That would be the perfect speech to plagiarize from. He was so monotone, it’s hard to listen : ) I could redo it with some modification and use voice inflection : ) It would be an instant hit. Can you imagine talking to him at work all day? Wow.

What did the President say in the cabinet meeting this morning? “I don’t know, as usual, I fell asleep almost immediately”. Here, I had Phil take notes for me.

Tigard, OR & Lacey WA: Sorry for the public, but I can tell you Tigard right outside of Portland gave me a clue why, when I spent nine months there ending this Spring. Terrible government and people, like Tigard Pd and the Extended Stay America. Truly made my life miserable while I was there. Harrassed, held mail for months, hit my car three times in the parking lot, didn’t deliver food on a $100 order. People told me to find new medical care when I already have two systems. Just shitty people the entire time and Lacey Washington was even worse.

Quora started moderating me again tonight so fuck them again!


You are such two-faced, liars that you auctioned off the largest oil lease in our history, days after COP26.

The same assholes who stole all my belongings, and abused me are also abusing the entire world. No one fucking trust you. Hey kids in 2070, guess what won’t be in your stocking ever again? OIL! They plan on using it all before they die and leaving you with nothing. They are going on weekend drives every weekend, flying private jets, and enjoying the good life. Sorry!

Could they have done a lot more and extended the oil supply for centuries? I think so, but they are instead increasing its use. Telework, very limited recreational driving, has the military stop wandering the world looking for trouble for its unneeded standing military. They could have increased fuel economy standards immediately to 60 MPG or more. Have they even really tried at all? Nope, just blown smoke up your asses. I would have shut down the travel and recreational driving industry stopped all racing. I could probably think of dozens of things.

There is going to be a new form of “abuse” soon. Shaken Elderly Adult Syndrome (SEAS). Your parent is lying in the nursing home and you have them by their collar demanding they answer, why they fucked you.

They could have all gone to the UN and negotiated to disband the militaries as we know them and simulate war. It makes absolute sense and they couldn’t fathom doing that. They could have dumped every ounce of effort into solar, wind, wave, nuclear, and fission energy, but haven’t. Some are trying to an extent but nothing like they could be doing.

They could have started making manufacturing an as-needed operation to reduce the huge waste and pollution problem we currently have. 1 new phone every 3 to 5 years for the entire world that needs one. About 80 phones are being released each year.

Get rid of the bubble packing and oversized everything that we produce. Stop making random junk that goes straight to the landfills daily. People made Biden toys probably when he came into the office that is now being thrown into the landfills because he has become unpopular. They may have just got here, never been put on a store shelf, but taken straight off the ship to a landfill. That sort of thing happens every day around the world at every place you shop. Ask the employees of any store, or fast food restaurant, how much waste they see? They could ration luxury items and services, nationally, or globally if they really cared about the future.

Do you want to know why we lost over 100,000 people in this nation last year to a drug overdose? My best guess is, it’s not only fentanyl; people are giving up. The environment, the political and public turmoil; the economy, the work environment, the cost of education, the empty shelves, the unrealistic expectations of society on how you are supposed to look. All things they could stop if they wanted.


Ashburn VA, Secret Serive. FUCK YOU, abusive fucks. Go fuck yourselves.
Side Note: I’m canceling Thanksgiving 2021 also. Nothing to be thankful about to include how this country was formed or run currently. No pardoning turkeys this year because there are too many in D.C., and they certainly don’t deserve a pardon.

GET ALL THE MONEY BACK NOW! You start taxing the rich, now, dumb fucks.

Get the money you gave away and start paying reparations to me, the African American communities, and Native Americans. Now you worthless Fucks.


Fuck you Loyd & DoD

You are just trying to retain people without helping in the correct manner. If you were really helping they would get pay increases to base pay, not housing. You screw us so we have nothing after we retire. Go fuck yourselves. I see right through your bullshit. Retirement pay won’t pay for anything once you retire so you have to go get another job and use retirement to pay your gasoline bill driving to your new job. EVERYONE PUNCH AS SOON AS YOU CAN! What is happening to me under these conditions? I don’ get to go anywhere and pay $2000 a month for a not-so-nice room, in a hotel in the middle of nowhere. FUCK YOU. I eat very cheap food from a Dollar General and just sit here waiting to die with no medical care.

Die, you immoral thieves..
Jill Biden and her staff can get fucked after offering me a grant not too long after entering office, on Instagram. I told her no I wanted what was stolen from me and the people responsible for my abuse to be prosecuted. Instead, Secret Service Attacked me in June. Go FUCK YOURSELF, WHORE! Like I said they have all known inside government. YOU CAN ALL GO TO PRISON! It was her personal account, Dr. Jill Biden, not the FLOTUS account so I don’t know if you can FOIA request it at all, but it did happen. That’s fine Jill. You, your husband, and the Administration look like complete shit to most of the public. The rest would think the same if they knew that you are part of my abuse.


To all the police fighting from the inside, thank you. Dead rats and death threats. They took my home and almost everything I owned, for saying something, but I will make sure they pay for it until I’m dead. For those of you that just rolled on me in June, I hope you have the worst lives possible, you lying, abusive fucks. Secret Service can suck my balls dry.


Trust me, we are very worried for a very good reason. You better start getting your manufacturing base going in this country RIGHT FUCKING NOW, or you don’t have a chance in war. Anyone that sees this and can do something. Start stockpiling resources and prepping for a possible war. Get your asses to the negotiation table and fight for simulated war and a drawdown of all militaries with the exception of UN forces.

Biden sold out his country to China, starting at the end of Vietnam as we were losing the war that China was backing. There is no excuse. Maybe they will shove a hypersonic missile up your ass, as you tell them you won’t be intimidated.


The House will debate and vote on a resolution to censure Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) You are a piece of shit. The shit you said about Barack and Alex. Fuck you! I still remember you making fun of Barack during the elections, you stupid fuck. Arizona looks like shit to the rest of the nation because you choose idiots like Gosar and Sinema to represent you. I said and did shit like that to Trump because he was a known traitor to this nation, in every way. Doing that to your colleges just because they try to fight for the public is irreprehensible. Gosar, was at least punished some. Good!


100,000 died in a year, during the pandemic, of a drug overdose. You haven’t listened to me about the pandemic when I told you publicly to deal with it starting on 28 Jan 20. You kicked me out of an addiction facility (Colorado Treatment Services, in May of 2018, even after I complained to the State for weeks before it happened) by harassing me over and over again. The ex-cop, Rob; Kendall, and the therapists. Go fuck yourselves. You are scumbags one and all. I save people while you kill people. How many were people that I knew?

I FUCKING HATE YOU ALL! Doug Lamborn, John Suthers, Polis, VA, TRICARE. You all deserve to go to jail the rest of your fucking lives.

Die in the most horrible ways possible after you suffer as long as possible, you scum fucks.
To an ungrateful nation and world. Fuck you!


Vladimir, I will put my uniform back on, and go to work, then come kick your ass. You have made several attempts to destroy the International Space Station. FUCK YOU! See you in Belarus or Ukraine. Keep going bitch. We will respond. DARPA, all those ideas I gave you, start building them. Make sure you have the body and facial scans of the Kremlin elite. Not interested in hurting the public. They have a hard enough life.


Leaving Quora after a day. Not worth the effort.


It would cost me $3500 a year to try and post all the art I have. Sorry. Even then I’m not sure how to display it all effectively. Not that you would appreciate it, and not that it is all great either.

Just doing this is a pain : ) Your luck I am bored 😐 Such a fucking geek. LMAO 😂 I couldn’t get a date if I wanted. ‘What do you do”? Read news and comment on it, on my own domain. “WTF”

“What do you talk about?” I slam the government and billionaires. “I’m out”

By the way Secret Service that’s where you’re really fucked. My iPad proves what I do all the time including the amount of screen time which is 18 hours plus a day Dickheadz. Hard to lie about someone that is connected all the time, isn’t it? FUCKTARDS. You pussies couldn’t stand in court for 2 seconds without me embarrassing the shit out of all of you. Ask Apple, Flickr, and Amazon. The data is streamed to all of them as I create and communicate. You are the illegal fuck that hides everything and lie your asses off. FUCK YOU, cum sucking whores.

r/veteran•Posted byu/geislert2 years ago

Rant from the inside-out, 22 years federal services, COVID-19 suppressed response

Reddit/medical blocked this from the medical community to keep them safe. Now 1-500 Americans are dead.

Fuck you Reddit. Them not answering my complaints then hiding it is absolutely relevant. Punk as bitches. You also allowed 700,000 Americans to die, you slack-jawed faggots.

Was I the best choice for the Presidential office in 2020? I think so. Go hang with AlexOC, Illi, and the rest of the cool Congresswoman, and have them talk to you, and show you the problems they face in their districts. Spend real-time and absorb what they are feeling. I think it will give you a better perspective.

You have both already lost IMO. GOP is going to take back control because you are weak. 10 Months and it is already over.



ASN: 36546

ISP: O’Reilly Automotive

Decimal: 2796966434

Someone is looking, maybe Robbie?

-Hostname: 34-82-182-166.mobile.uscc.net

ASN: 6614

ISP: US Cellular

Organization: US Cellular

Could be Mike McBride, but he had KSCable. Maybe McConnell AFB.

I have step-brothers & sisters, I haven’t seen in decades. I kind of forget how many people I used to know. : ) Dozens upon dozens of relatives around the country. Thousands of people I used to work with over a couple of decades. Nope, don’t know anyone.


You all failed your children 👧 and grandchildren


Go find her for me, peeps! Yes, there are millions of people without a voice and suffering and it should be your job to stop as much of it with the budget you have, as possible. Go save the damn world for once Intelligence and DoD. If Putin is actually trying to help then do what you can. Don’t wait, give the President a plan yourselves. Let’s start fixing the world instead of destroying it.

Peng. They either hand her over or Joe should tell Xi to fuck off in the morning. I’ll drive an aircraft carrier up someone’s ass sideways, then launch the Air Wing : ) for shit like this.


Yes, my country stabs the nation, that helped us become a country, in the back. Just like they stabbed me in the back over and over. Sorry France.

Everyone I knew, stationed in Iceland. loved it. Hello Keflavík.

Fuck Zuk and Horsey Dorsey


-Donny Trump and his D.C. hotel. LMAO you fucking loser. You take a loss even when you had all the advantages of being President. That is some true sucking. Looks like USPS got even with you Donny. You are such a bad leader of any kind. That’s why you might be President again : ). The only thing worse than you is the fucking GOP as a whole. Hey, whatever it takes to bring the rest of you down to my level, legally. Go for it. “All for one and nothing for all” is the country’s new motto.


-I’m going to ass fuck you for lying, Secret Service. Pussies

I was smiling because I knew you had just fucked yourselves. See at bottom of the page. I’m the Cub Scout, Crossing Guard, Air Force Retiree, disabled, and handicapped person, who has also been Red Cross and Ham Radio. Multiple disasters, Citizens Police Academy. Donate to charity as you do fucking nothing. FUCK YOU WHORES. You will never be able to keep up and your lies don’t hold any weight. I have directly saved lives 3 times; YOU? I have performed first aid on the streets of the United Kingdom and in my own home. Call fire and police when shit goes down when I can’t handle it. I carry safety equipment in my car, and you all keep stealing everything I have, then try to lie. Kiss my ass you worthless TWATS! 17 ribbon and multiple awards in and out of the military dip fucks. You? Didn’t think so. I have literally given away thousands of dollars on the street to real people in need. No way to track it but it was done. Polygraph me anytime you want. People saw me do many of these things but they are no longer around me. I was about to hospitalize myself for abuse and changed a little old lady’s tire on the way to the base in July of 2010. Even in my worst moments, I helped people. Sent drug addicts to the hospital almost dead, and then put them on a plane to go back to their parents. Kiss my ass! Kids of millionaires, ex-dependents of the military. I gave away heroin, even when I was sick to keep others from suffering. No one is going to tell you these stories, will they? Ask Chad, Jen, Jared, Mark, Cheyenne, Jake, in Colorado Springs, or wherever they may be now. Some, at least are still alive, because I have seen them online. I did heroin to try and save Jen, and I helped her friends the best I could while I was in the middle of all that shit. PD in COS would be able to tell you who they are just based on those first names being grouped together. A known drug group. Very well known, by them : ) They caused more fucking problems in town than probably most the others. I only knew Jen at first, the rest showed up on my RADAR after I started using heroin to save her. I probably met 100+ heroin addicts before I left treatment.

You are socially fucked Secret Service You had a brother involved in trying to take over the Capital. Nothing more needs to be said.


Not just me, and I’m proud to see them fight back. I generalize way too much. I have a lot of unknown friends in the world : )

Thank you for your service, officers. Great job getting this far and exposing their asses : )


There are no fucking excuses for war crimes. You always make excuses. GO TO FUCKING PRISON FOREVER YOU LYING FUCKS! GOOD TRY DIP FUCKS, BUT YOU ALSO TRIED TO HIDE THE FACT. You and the police think you have the right to do anything you want. You killed them and lied about me. FUCK YOU. Your nothing but losers that murder and steal. Slimy fucking pieces of shit. You just said there were no consequences for killing civilians in Afghanistan also. Fuck You!

No fucking accountability. You’re a murdering fuck, Gallagher! Your a complete piece of human garbage Eddie. Life will take care of you soon enough, with enough reminders to society, that you still wander the streets. War criminal. The victims children will grow up soon enough and find you, when you least expect it. Thank you to the SEALS that tried to stop him the best you could. If you have problems that I can help with, you can contact me.

-Arrest yourselves for being stupid and killing yourselves and other cops. What fucking morons. Looks like a bad Austin Powers movie, and the cops are the villains. They are killing themselves at 4 times the rate of anything else. COP KILLERS are the fucking cops.

-Kamala is a hit in Paris. No, she isn’t. She was a fowl, not a hit. She had gaffed her entire time in office.

-No matter what you do to the GOP they will be pardoned in a few years. It is taking you so long that they may pay no penalty at all. They are laughing at you, Pelosi. You old, slow, hag. You and Mitch should get married, you old worthless fucks.


Just remember kids, if you are blamed for ANYTHING; lie, deny and wait for them or you to die.

-FBI: If the crooks are in your servers do you think we trust anything you do or say. NO, dumb fucks.

-MusicFestivals Don’t bother, wasting money of shit like this anymore. Why make others rich? Go sing to yourself and save your money for the impending doom of society.

Hey cuteness. Jewface. Lol 😂 Stop pissing off the comedian, woman, Hollywood. Sarah, you only have a few years left before everything is a robot or computer-generated. REALLY! We are all being replaced. It is speeding up because of strikes, and supply chain issues. As easy as, “make a movie about superheroes taking over Mars”. “Make a two-hour concert, using country music theme”. “Distribute online”. No people, or royalties, just pure profit for the already rich.

You will be replaced by technology then exterminated.
A uniform and government-sanctioned events mean you can do anything you want to make them rich

She had to be more subvert about not celebrating the loser militaries

Your all an embarrassment. Thinks the Queen 👑

Here is my tip. The tip of my dick! Fuck off if you are having problems, I had to make it on my own. Enjoy the pain and suffering like I had to, at the hands of the government. BLOW ME!

I could help, but I won’t. You harassed me out of Colorado Treatment Services. Your life will suck forever.


Gen Z, X, Millennials: Tell them you are the:

“Do it your Fucking Selfs Generations”

Might as well have fun before you go. School, work; No thanks!

“If you only try hard”. I promise you that is complete bullshit. They stole everything I had after I did what they wanted. Doesn’t work at all. Do not comply with their lies and bullshit. If you are motivated, then go off-grid and stay there. The cars, houses, and other bullshit don’t mean a fucking thing. Stop watching TV, social media, and streaming except to learn what you need to survive on your own or in small groups. Watching people dance and lipsync gets you nothing. Watching curated news that is really propaganda does you no good. Stop watching all the movies that have no value, which is 99% of it. Who cares. They want you to pay to go to school and learn things they made up and that has nothing to do with the reality of living a peaceful life. Don’t buy into it. Why get a degree when they’re replacing you with AI and robots. Why help them build and do things that destroy you. They call it a rat race for a reason. Fucked up that they tell you things like that and “life isn’t fair” when it could be. They want you to accept the fate of slavery and oppression. Fuck marriage and having kids. Why? Just puts you in a bind and costs you more. Don’t ever have to be tagged with the word divorce, like most, if you never fall into the trap. They love the fact you have to pay the lawyer everything you have while you give them a slave or two, you had to pay to raise. That’s why they don’t want you to get an abortion. They need their slaves raised. They could give a shit less about respecting human life, look how they treat all adults.

I may seem unhappy 🙁 but the truth is, I have never had so much peace and freedom since I started staying to myself. No more real fights. My worst day is when I pay attention o other people’s comments online, which I should have ignored and laughed at. Hey, I am far from perfect 👍

Find yourself, and don’t follow anyone. You will be happier than most people. Even this is just a guide based on the perspective of one person. I think I am right, but so does everyone else : ) Even if I am right, everyone’s situation is different enough that you have to take information and frame it for your own life. I wish there was one solution that fixed it all but that isn’t how life works. Slight variations make a huge difference.

You could take a set of cloned twins and have them facing opposite directions, watching different content. They will end up completely different based on what they hear, see, and how they perceive that information. Even the stressed induced could change the way they appear physically after a few years. Take the President aging under stress in four or eight years. STRESS IS THE REAL KILLER IN LIFE : ) <— That is the common takeaway from this you all should listen to. Control your stress to live a good life. That doesn’t mean walking away from everyone either. You also have a conscience that will eat you from the inside out. If you see someone in trouble try to help when you can. You will feel better 😘. Keep a sense of balance. Yes, you really can go off-grid for the right reasons, but don’t shove people away needlessly on the way out. You become more insightful as you get older, so don’t let the younger you screw over that cooler you when you get older. YOU WILL SEE : ) You have time to think about everything with an ever-expanding set of perceptions as you get older.


To the people that are related to me. FUCK OFF scumbags. Janet Dean told me to leave Peoria at the beginning of my divorce. The rest acted as if nothing happened. Fuck you, and your crappy community. I left Peoria Illinois when I was first able, at 18. Don’t need you and never did. You drag people down. Why would I want to live in “The Middle” of a fucking cornfield? You were never my family. Why did she say she wanted me gone. “I am busy”; that is all she said. I am also, bitch. Rott in hell, or Peoria; same difference. You, your children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren are nothing to me now.


Hey, Tashandra Polluard. I am so sorry the system isn’t fair. I watched them screw with everyone even though management didn’t follow there own standards in many cases. You had to be talented to by a Crypto Tech, so there loss. The Crypto Techs in the Air Force were the smartest enlisted people I personally worked around. So smart that they were a little strange and hard for me to talk to even. I probably had close to a year of electronics training while I was in, and the week we learned the KG-30 family of encryption devices was the hardest thing I ever tried to grasp. My head hurt from think. That bad : ) I think our people had a nine month school, so 7 months of what I had for a week. My head would have popped off : )


“Blue Origin teaches space tourists who land in the desert what to do if their rocket lands next to a cactus”. Machete! Don’t forget the Yuka plants, Jeff. They can get huge and aren’t to be taken lightly. Rattlesnake nest, brush fire? Yep.


I love history, but this makes me feel uncomfortable 🥴 right now. 😝 .

Are you going to exhume Archduke Ferdinand and put him on board?


I can’t post everything, but I am laughing so hard at articles talking about the GOP going to their happy place, of full-on crazy. Steve Bannon with a TV show on behind him saying he has been indicted.

‘We killed Herman Cain,’ says Trump staffer, according to new book

We already knew that in the back of our minds, but thanks for confirming you knew it also.

“Russia won’t invade Ukrainian unless provoked”, means they are going to invade using a false flag incident. Prepare! They will use Ukraine asking for the pipeline to be shut down as an excuse for sure if the Senate passes a resolution.

Yep! Hate them both. Full-on circle jerk. A bottle rocket 🚀 is a rising star ⭐️ until it blows itself up.

You can hire me for the right price. You will all have vaccines, if I have to give them myself : ). 5 Stars is my price. Why 5 stars instead of SecDef. I need one person between me and the real boss, so I don’t accidentally tell him to fuck off before I have had my coffee in the morning. LMAO

Are the “stars” pretty worthless in many cases; Yep!


Joe; please take care of Jeffrey Spencer and the rest. This is complete bullshit.


Senior leaders, including Charlie Brown, need to be fired also. You have no fucking values, Chuck! Worthless fucks.


You worthless garbage. You handed the enemy everything they needed to kill while the civilian population has nothing. YOU WILL PAY WITH YOUR REPUTATIONs AT THE VERY MINIMUM.

Can they use the excuse they gave it to the Afghan military? No. They knew they were unwilling to fight in a manner that would allow the government to stand.

DoD, didn’t do there jobs on the way out, and need to be Court-martialed. That included the Generals at the top of the chain. Emergency Destruction procedures of weapons systems wasn’t followed at all.
Winnebago Man.

Hello. I am a retired United States Air Force, MSgt(E-7) who served from 1982-2004. I happily spend my time creating art.

Due to multiple negative actions by United States Government this sites primary purpose for the moment, is to prove who I am and that they have attacked me illegally and blocked contractual care and services around the country.

Can this country win a war with a super power. Based on our last two major conflicts with third world nations that we lost to, NO!

We don’t have the will or the supply chain to win. They started offshoring our manufacturing base to China and selling them our and as we were losing Vietnam. They knowingly did this. Sold out there own nation for profit, to a known threat that we were already losing to. MORONS! Which political party had the biggest hand in all of this? The GOP! Did the Democrats go along the entire time? YEP! They have all been on vacation for decades, using your money. You owe $85,400 per person in your family, just to pay our current national debt. The only way to do that is to get to school for $100,000. Now you pay $5 a gallon, for gas, to drive to work, and pay off $185,000 in debt, while you pay 28% tax, and they pay nothing. Thats your start point at 22 years of age, if you are lucky. Why bother when you will have no energy in 50 years, in a environment that is collapsing around you. Thats why 3% of the work force quit just in September. You are all slaves! I felt bad, so I tried to inform you. How do you act in return? Like I know nothing. OK. I will sit here and laugh 😂

I still make $60K a year in retirement and disability. It might not be a lot, but I can survive. You have stole my home, and everything I own. You did this outside the law. You manipulated your own systems and still are. Get fucked, losers! I will let the search bots from our advisasiers, scrape the site, and see what worthless crap you are. You want to attack your own people, then they get to know. They will understand the implications of what I say even if the public could care less. Ultimately this hurts them when they talk to other world leader in private. They are trying to play a game of poker with our lives and I’m going to make sure they have my input. Good luck with your VTC with Xi, on Monday, Joe. The general public doesn’t know me but everyone in government around the world does. : ) Social Media managers for everyone important, absolutely know who I am to some extent. I have talk to so many agencies, organizations, influencers, VIPs, of every kind you really wouldn’t believe me. They rarely talk back, but they know I am here. Some very famous people had even blocked me. Bill, Bill, to name two. One from politics and one from Tech. Guess? Lol 😂 Also agencies like FEC, USArmy, FCC. Lots of people do not like me. Oh well : ) I don’t really care if you like me while I do the best to fight for my own personal rights, and try and tell the truth, the best I know it. Why am I mad? Blocked care, lies, abuse, theft, that has all gone unanswered. I call the right people, and file the right reports, and they refuse to do their fucking jobs. DoD, VA, Police from multiple jurisdictions across the country. Rampant laziness and corruption. Good 👍 I will cancel every fucking subscription, buy as little as possible, not contribute a fucking thing back to the work force. You need me, I don’t need a fucking thing from you anymore, but to stay the fuck away. I’m not the fuck up, you are. Bitches! Do it yourselves. LMAO 😂. I know so much, about so many things, but I’m not going to tell you shit anymore. LOL 😝

Your own children and grandchildren are getting the clue, and they fucking hate you. Die as an embarrassment to your own families. By the way; they aren’t going to say it to your face, most of the time, but look at how they look at you. Non-verbals are 75% of communication. Many have to live with you because of the economy, so they won’t say anything.

Schools across the country are now closing because of labor shortages. It is all falling apart. Now you have to drive even further and work longer. For what? You decide. Driving to a store where you pay more, for smaller portions, and less selection. That probably isn’t going to motivate you to work even harder.

To get home and get a robocall ☎️ or two as everything you try to watch has so much advertising it really isn’t worth the time. 20 minutes an hour for a $150 cable subscription. Every search, video, newspaper. Trying to find the truth is getting to be as impossible as it is to relax.

Hey but I am a crazy person, according to everyone. Attack the Whitehouse my ass. I was up in Newark, NJ, weeks before, thinking about going and talking to the U.N.. I ran out of money and was in Ohio. I went the other fucking direction, and they all knew that. Your lying 🤥 bags of shit. You were more involved than I was Secret Service. My brother wasn’t prosecuted, and one of yours was. MORONS! You’re the fucking traitors. Pussies!

They don’t get or develop the best talent. They instead have us procure more and more serviced instead of having it built-in. We need more engineers in communication, for example in the Air Force down at the Wing level. Expensive people but it would have saved us from making mistakes or having to rely on contractors who lie and oversell their products and services. Most people with real talent don’t want to work for or with DoD, because we make life hard for no reason then don’t pay our bills. You are buried in BS, constantly on the inside, even if you are talented.

22nd Communications Squadron, Wing Initial Communications Package, Cannon AFB, NM 93-98; Callsign: Scorpian 3

Have I ever seen Scorpians, Black Widows, Rattle Snakes, and Camel Spiders? Yep; I lived and worked in deserts around the world. I tried to catch a Rattle Snake in New Mexico and damn near cut off my thumb trying to quickly cut a V, in a branch to pin him with. I ended up doing first aid on myself while the rest of the guys caught him. LMAO 🤣 Pays to be calm in all situations. What kills you easiest in war is you not paying attention and thinking 🤔

I’m not a moron, dealing with a global company that also works with Chinese interests. DoD is that fucking stupid and lazy. There are procurement procedures in the DFAR that should prevent that.


11 Nov 2021: Videos were removed by TikTok. Instagram suspended me for 30 days on Veterans Day, as I was attacked by the public. I made TikTok ban me today. I also am leaving YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook effectively. You are not worth communicating with anyway. YOU CAN GO FUCK YOURSELVES! I no longer care what you know, or what happens to you as a society. I have my own personal issues being ignored. Go shoot each other in the face, die of an OD, spend all your money on gas, just to get to work. Don’t wear a mask, or get a vaccine. The more you hurt each other, and suffer, the more I feel you have severed yourselves, your own justice.

You can die from your own stupidly and, or lack of action. I will just watch the tally go up in the headlines, and live a quiet, peaceful life. NO LONGER MY ISSUE

Veterans Day 2021 Cancelled due to you failing at everything you do this year.

These are the worthless people on the Internet. Gary Sanchez can blow me. It’s a shocker that you a piece of trash. Talking when you know nothing. I tried to get a previous Army dependent and mother of four off heroin. I got her into treatment and had to save her life twice from ODing. What have you tried to do? Nothing, slug!

I tried to respond to this on YouTube but my comments are immediately deleted, thus why I am leaving the social media platforms. Fuck you Alphabet, Google, YouTube. Just another branch of government. FUCK YOU INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES THAT CANT TELL US A FUCKING THING. We didn’t know is your only answer. Worthless fucks!

I’m a better analyst sitting here watching TV than all the people sitting there making GS pay. Scum!

“We don’t know” intelligence! Fucking worthless!

Hey, Jeff. Steep cliff when they find out you profited off the pandemic, instead of trying to help. I order my PPE from you on 28 Jan 2020. You know what is going on. Lol, you must not have it together if she is hanging around someone else.

Who had access to all the information I was sending out. Apple and Amazon have thousands of videos and screenshots.

The Air Force was both incompetent and cruel.

Facebook changes name to Meta

The DoD is still as abusive as fuck after decades of complaints. They keep saying they have changed but never have. DO NOT JOIN THE MILITARY!

Attacked by Secret Service and the coverup

Just a small example of how I had to live. I was in an unfinished basement and still being harassed by a federal government employee after reporting abuse multiple times to police, DoD, VA.



Actively blocking my information about the suppression of the virus response. 20 Oct 2021

COVID-19, INTERPOL, Secret Service, Whitehouse, Crimes against humanity 5,000,000 dead

To DoD:


Yes, I have. : ). It was trending and funny, not MY reality,

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